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Red Blossom

Strength through Beauty

20 January
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Flowers in the garden...
Name: Sarah Saito (nee Marple)
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Profession: Master Coordinators, and lead Judge in the Pokemon Contests.

Notable Possessions: Her wedding ring from Yasushi which she adores without a doubt and never takes off. Her lucky lipstick, and a wide range of various contest articles that she’s collected over the years, some rather rare and unique as they were produced limitedly for specific contest. She also has the Wallace Cup’s Aqua Ribbon which she won. She’s also competed in the Grand Festival and has become one of the few that has won the Ribbon Cup.

Flowers in the garden...
Badges Collected: Not a badge at all rather she has Ribbons. She has a Russets Ribbon, a Old Rose Ribbon, a Magnolia Ribbon, a Sienna Ribbon, a Apricot ribbon, three ribbons from Kanto, five from Hoenn, three from Orre, Four from Sinnoh, and two from Johto. She also won the Aqua Ribbon from the Wallace Cup. Plus there are additional ribbons for contests that are not connected with the main championship.
Favourite Pokemon: Staraptor

Standing at about 5’6” tall Sarah has long brown hair down to her mid back, or longer, and wears bangs in the front. She has brown eyes and a nice smile. Dressed mostly professionally like her husband, Sarah will wear jeans and t-shirts when it suits her. Her choices of colors are darker reds and such. Over all she’s very attractive but doesn’t really realize it as her concern is less about her appearance and more about her professionalism and to make sure the contests are run properly.

Sarah is forward when she has to be. Calm and kind mostly she comes off as a serious big sister type of person. Her attitude regarding how to behave while in a contest is very direct and she doesn’t like it when coordinators mess around or goof off when they’re supposed to be working with their pokemon. While she is strict she’s understanding to new contestants and tries to make them feel welcome.

Home Town...
Old Rose town. She moved here when she started to date Yasushi and remained here when they were married. She originally came from Cardinal City. She was trained here by Ester’s mother to become a Coordinator.

Sarah grew up with her two brothers (one who is her cousin), her sister (who is her cousin) and her Aunt and Uncle. Her mother had been a single mom raising Sarah and her brother David. When Sarah was two and David was three, their mother passed away due to a medical condition. Her Aunt Fay and Uncle John took her and David in and raised them as their own. While Sarah knew that Fay wasn’t her real mother she’s come to consider her like one and calls her Mom. She and her Sister Kay and her brother Sam, who are Fay and John’s children, get along very well. Kay works as a Pokemon researcher with David, and Sam is a reporter for the pokenews network.

When Sarah got older Fay introduced her to a friend Jennifer Ribola, who was a pokemon Coordinator. Through this introduction Sarah got into training pokemon for contests, since she didn’t feel skilled enough to be a trainer. Sarah’s first competition was in Cardinal City, and while she didn’t win first prize she did manage some plus points. She has since won several contests and become a master Coordinator. Sara beat out several other master Coordinators to take over the retiring head judge’s job. This would be her fifth year running Shiko’s contests and Championship.

Sarah had heard about Yasushi through Jennifer when she was still being a mentor. She had been impressed by the fact that he was competing for gym leader rather then Old Rose Town’s leader handing it over to her Nephew who was a trainer as well. They finally met when Sarah was 23 and a Master Coordinator, and Yasushi had become the Gym leader at the Cardinal City Contest. It was after this meeting that sparks flew and the two became closer, eventually marrying when she was 25 she realized that she was with child. Yasushi soon after proposed and the two were married with their daughter at their side.

She knows how to read pokemon movements thanks to being with Yasushi. Sarah also is very good at getting pokemon to pull off their best moves by using her voice to lure them to perform.

Pokemon Team...
Pokemon: Roserade (Cyrano)
Gender: Male
Ability: Natural Cure
Short Bio: Cyrano was a Budew found by Sarah when she was 15. He was taken in by her when she realized that he was still a baby. She’s raised him to become a strong pokemon. He sees her as a mother and treats her gently. He’s also protective of her daughter and likes to play with Yasushi’s pokemon when they’re allowed to interact. He’s also protective of Kyla her Kirlia and treats her like his own child.
Moveset: Aromatherapy, Petal Dance, Weather Ball, Rain Dance.

Pokemon Team...
Pokemon: Scizor (Snips)
Gender: Female
Ability: Technician
Short Bio: Snips was Sarah’s first pokemon. She was an abandon Syther and was left near the outskirts of Cardinal. Sarah’s had her since she was ten and the two get along very well. Eventually Snips, after a long time of debating and deciding was given the opportunity to become a Scizor. She’s a very powerful pokemon and acts as Sarah’s bodyguard when she travels. She also was the pokemon that won Sarah her the Aqua Ribon.
Moveset: Swords Dance, Slash, Metal Claw, Iron Defense

Pokemon Team...
Pokemon: Kirlia
Gender: Female
Ability: Trace.
Short Bio: Kirlia was a gift from Yasushi on Christmas. Sarah treats the young pokemon as a child more then a pokemon and tries to get her to learn. She hopes to use her eventually for a competition if she ever gets the chance to compete again. Kirlia is close to Cyrano and seems to cry when he’s away for too long. She also listens to Yasushi as he’s trained her. She looks up to his Gallade and wants him to like her back as a friend. Sarah hopes that when Kirlia gets older they might be able to breed the two.
Moveset: Psychic, Calm Mind, Teleport, Magical Leaf.

Pokemon Team...
Pokemon: Chatot
Gender: Male
Ability: Keen Eye
Short Bio: Chatot is the son of Sarah’s first Chatot. She had a male one named Chatter who was getting older. Her intention was to retire him but upon meeting Tamaki Kido, the gym leader from Orange town, decided to let him take the bird and breed Chatter with his female Chatot, Chazz. When Chazz had an egg, Tamaki gave it to Sarah as a gift. In turn Sarah let Chatter stay with Tamaki and now has a young Chatot that actually has a better preference towards her husband. She’s not quiet sure why that is though.
Moveset: Chatter, Roost, Taunt, Nasty Plot.

Pokemon Team...
Pokemon: Seel (Seel or Puppy)
Gender: Male
Ability: Hydration
Short Bio: Seel was caught in Sinnoh just prior to a contest. He’s a young seel with a puppy like attitude. Yasushi and Sarah’s daughter adores him, calling him Puppy, a name he comes to now when called by her. Seel is very sweet and will act like a dog at times around his owners, licking their faces when he wants to say he loves them. Sarah usually brings Seel over to Sienna to train at the pool with Jasmine or the other trainers.
Moveset: Headbutt, Icy Wind, Aqua Jet, Growl

About the Player...
The Mun Section:
Name:Elizabeth Napoletano
Age: 27
Your LJ: Darkspellmaster
Contact Info: pokegirl0251@hotmail.com (MSN: Darkspellmaster)