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Smile and Hello

February 2009



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Feb. 4th, 2009

Worried and Concerned

Entry 4: {Flitered, but broken filter, from Yasushi}{Private but Hackable}

It's funny, we've been married for a long while now, and he wonders if we're ever going to make it to our tenth year. I wonder if I'm good enough for him, or if I really understand what he's going through. I wish at times he would trust me more. It seems like, recently, he's been trying to push me away, and it scares me. Have I failed as a wife, lover, what exactly. I know that he's been spending more time with Jin Mi, the officer, but that's only because of the work he's doing right?

Have I become undesirable in my old age? Or for that matter do I have the skills to be his wife. Martha told me once that it wasn't going to be easy marrying him, that he locks a lot away, and for good reason. But even so, I'm his wife, someone that loves him, am I not allowed to feel the good and the bad from him emotinally? Is it really that much of a danger?

Sometimes when he's sleeping at night I just feel like holding him and keeping all the bad things away from him. I want him to have a normal relationship. Maybe he can only with another person that's like him. I love him so much though and I wouldn't trade him for the world. I wonder what I should do.
Smile and Hello

Entery 3: Contests

Due to unforseen circumsances, the Contests will now offically begin after Valentine's Day. Anyone still wishing to enter please sign up under here and I will send you letters to confirm the date and time. Thank you for being understanding.

Sarah Saito
Head Coordinator.

Jan. 20th, 2009

Kirlia and Pokemon

Entry 2.

So today is my birthday. How odd to be 28, I didn't expect that to happen to be honest. I really don't feel much different then I did a year ago. Although it's so cute seeing my daughter growing up so fast. It wasn't that long ago that she was still so small that I could hold her in my arms. Now she's growing so quickly that I have to carry her like she's sitting on my arms.

Oh and Yasushi, dear, please no fancy party. There's enough going on.

Regarding that. Due to the recent dissaperences, Russet's Constest will be posponed till Mid Febuary. Thank you for understanding.

Please go here for more information about what's going on.

Dec. 18th, 2008

Smile and Hello

Entry 1

(Supposed to be private but...)

Yasu, dear, I got back those photos you took for me. I must say, I was blushing most of the day. Are you trying to remind me that you're still good looking? My darling husband, you forget that I still love you and you are insanely sexy to me no matter what you wear. Although I must say this is staying in my wallet from now on. I'll have to get you something equally as special.

Dec. 5th, 2008

Smile and Hello

Pokemon Contest Information and Registation


Welcome to the Start of a new season of Pokemon Co-ordinator contests in the Shiko Division. I'm Sarah Saito, the Head Judge of this division, and along with Alice and Lisa, the Lead Judges, are the Master Coordinators of these Competitions. The Shiko Region is happy to announce that this year the Grand Festival will be held once again in Cardinal City during the Summer, and we are delighted to have a very special guest judge for this festival.

The first contest will be held on the first Wednesday in January. Those wishing to participate should sign up and read the information below if you wish to participate. In addition to the Russet's Ribbon there will be special prizes awarded.

We are also holding a contest for a Master of Ceremonies, who announces the Shiko Region contests. If you wish to enter you should fill out the MC contest form below. Those that enter will be judged by your knowledge of pokemon, your confidence and your style.

Registration and Information

For those that need to know or are unfamiliar with the Pokemon Contests. Allow me to explain. Pokemon Contests are pagents that are held as a means for Pokemon and their trainers to prove how in co-ordination they are with one another. Thus where the term Co-Ordindator comes from. In Pokemon Contests, Coordinators show how strong and beautiful their Pokémon can be. A Contest is divided into two parts. The first round involves the Coordinator appealing with his or her Pokémon to demonstrate its moves. During the appeal, the judges score the Coordinator. The second round is the battle round, where two Coordinators must do battle while still remaining stylish. The battle ends after five minutes have passed, a Pokémon is unable to battle, or a Coordinator has lost all of his or her points.

* In Shiko, Coordinators enter one Pokémon for each round, and they also dress up nicely. There is a Master of Ceremonies - the Shiko contest announcer.

Any Coordinator will need a Contest Pass for a region to enter contests in that region. Coordinators who win five ribbons are able to enter that region's Grand Festival. A ribbon won from events such as the Wallace Cup can be used in any region.

In the Shiko Pokemon Contests, there are two challenges per contests, these are called Sets. The first Set's winner can not enter into the second set. Each month there will be a new contest held in one of the five Contest cites. Trainers can win one badge per contest. Winners of the first Set can't enter in the Second Set. Trainers are expected to collect the five Ribbons, one from each town.

To participate a trainer must have a Pokemon License

These give the bearer the right to own Pokemon. Potential Trainers are required to attend a half-day training session at any gym at the start of the year before qualifying to take a brief test. Those who pass receive the license. Only licensed Trainers are legally allowed to purchase Pokeballs. Minors under the age of ten may own Pokemon, but are not allowed to compete in Pokemon League-sanctioned Contests.

Registration forms

The Following are the Registration forms for Russet's Contest and the Master of Ceremonies Contest. Please fill this out completely.

Russet's Pokemon Contest Registration Form
Name of Trainer:
Age of Trainer:
Trainer's Hometown:
Trainer's Experience: Have they ever entered a contest before
Trainer's Ribbons: If they have entered before, where and what Ribbons do they have

There will be two pokemon needed. One for appeals one for Battle

Name of Pokemon:
Type of Pokemon:
Part of the Contest: (Appeals or Battle)

Name of Pokemon:
Type of Pokemon:
Part of the Contest: (Appeals or Battle)

Trainers with 4 or more Pokemon should switch Pokemon for the second Set. Trainers with three or less can only switch one pokemon for the second Set.

Master of Ceremonies Contest

Trainers applying for this contest must be able to attend the contests. If you can not make it to a contest for various reasons please notify the head judge or one of the Lead Judges. Trainers will be judged on Confidence, Style, and Knowledge of Pokemon. A Tip for all of you, do your best, have fun, and try to be loud and clear. We want to hear you all the way at the back end of the contest hall. The MC Contest will take place Three weeks prior to the day of the contest. You will be auditioning, be ready to improve, we want to see what you can do as the Pokemon Contests are largely unscripted.

Why you wish to be the MC of the Shiko Regional Pokemon Contests:
(Optional)Prior Experiences: